Removing white side from adhesive disc for cam mount

For today’s off the wall question . . .

I see the tab for the red side. but before I do that, I don’t see any for the white side.

Do I just use a razor blade to separate, or am I missing something?


It should come off pretty easy, I use my finger and rolled it back from the edge and it gave me something to grab onto pretty easy.

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Yes, attach the red side to the disk first, then you can easily pull off the white side and attach the disk to whatever.

Personally I think the disc glue is a bit strong, so I use a small square of 3M Command Strips instead. You still have to be careful when removing the 3M strips, but it isn’t as hard as removing the glue disk.


It’s not like I’ve ever removed the wrong piece.

Oh, wait . . .