Adding additional cameras to a group

I have a group that contains two cameras and I want to add a third. I go to group settings and can see the cameras in the group, and below that, a list of the other cameras but they are grayed out. I can’t select one to add. Is there something I am not understanding? (Besides quantum physics and roller skating backwards)

the ones that are grayed out in the list have already been added to a different group , you can’t add them to more than one group


There are some #wishlist items about grouping such as being able to add cameras to more than one group and even have groups contain groups. You may want to take a peek and vote on any that appeal to you.

As far as skating backwards goes, well I did it, once, by accident. Then I fell and broke my leg so I probably can’t help you there. :relaxed:

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I only have one group right now and that’s the one I am trying to add another camera to. The ones that are not part of that group are the ones that are grayed out.

That is odd. Are the cameras all online and reachable in the app?

I figured it out. Turns out, I DID have two groups. Deleted the extra group and then was able to add the camera to the correct group.

On another issue, I just ordered the motion sensor, but the realized it may require another part to work. What is the device that connects to the back of the camera? Do I need that as well?

Yes, you will need a Sense Bridge. One bridge can connect 100 sensors. The bridge connects to a camera and uses the cameras power and WiFi connection.

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Just got it corrected on the order. Thanks