Add New Cam to Existing Group

I’ve just added a 6th Wyze Cam and want to add it to an existing group.

I’m running around in circles and can’t figure this out. You can delete a camera from a group, or create a new group, but is there a way to add a new camera to an existing group?


I don’t know if there is a limit but I justed added a 3rd to a group. Go to the group/Click the gear icon upper right/Click on “Camers in Group”/you should see unassigned cameras at the bottom which you can select and add.


Go to the group you want to add the camera to , Tap on the gear icon Upper right, select , Cameras In group, your new camera should show up Under more cameras , Then you can add it to that group.
Oops I see @Refurb already answered it


Thank you! As I expected, simple solution to my confusion! :slight_smile:


It definitely can be confusing with all the different features in the app now

If you are not seeing that 6th camera, I am guessing that you have not connected it to the internet yet and activated it so that your smartphone software sees that it is available but not yet assigned to a group.