Adding a camera - piggy-back?

I’m adding a camera right next to one already mounted in my front porch. This one will be pointing in the opposite direction - toward my garage doors. Here’s my question…

The current camera is plugged into an extension cord run from the front porch outlet. Can I simply plug the 2nd camera into the same extension or is there some way to piggy-back the two (not sure I understand how that would happen, but…)?

Thanks in advance. Iris

@Loki answered this before, here’s the link to that thread if you are confused.

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No. A standard USB (same one that comes with the camera is fine).

If the cameras are side by side, I’d recommend pickup up a very short USB-A to USB-micro cable. One example:

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Thanks for the replies - sorry for the new thread, couldn’t think what this situation might be called.

Still not sure I understand how this works, have to look at one of my current cameras. I didn’t remember the camera having a mini USB port.

The back of the camera has two usb ports, a regular USB and a Micro USB. The Micro USB is what you plugged in to power the camera.

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