How to daisy chain cams together?

I would like to daisy chain 2 cams together to get a blindspot in my yard on camera. Can someone kindly let me know how to do that and what exact cords I need.

What 2 cams?
V3’s can’t be easily daisy chained, V2’s and pans (and maybe V1’s) have the micro-usb and the Usb A port on the back, With these just plug the normal power cord (usb A) into the first camera and the micro end into the second camera.
Note that shorter cords are better.


The area i want covered only has room for a v2 or v3, i have those and i can move around what is necessary. So if I need to put 2 v3s together i can do that, but if it must be 2 v2s i can do that as well … i can also do one v2 and one v3 together … whatever yall recommend.

You can only daisy chain from a v2, it’s the only one with a usb a connection on back. If you do a split usb cable or something then you can use V3s.

In my garage I had one wire to a v2, then that v2 had a usb cable in the usb a slot on back ran to another camera. Also make sure to use a 5v2a power brick if your powering multiple cameras of the camera cable.

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To run two V3 cameras, you can get a USB power splitter cable that has one USB-A male and two or three USB-A female connectors. Then use a USB-A extension cord (if needed) to get from the wall wart to the splitter. Then each camera plugs into one of the female connectors on the splitter. You may want to get some short USB-A to Micro-USB cables (I have some six inch ones) if you don’t need the extra cable length and don’t want to have a bundle of cable from the included six foot cables.
You can also get an inexpensive POWERED USB hub instead of a splitter. That generally gives the advantage of larger wire from the power source to the hub.
If you are running V2 cameras or a V2 and a V3, you can as stated above, just plug the V3 into the back of the V2.

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