Add universal logout

Logging out via Wyze should also log users out of Currently, if click the logout link and return to Account – Wyze I am redirected around and logged back into my account without needing to authenticate.

Hmmm, just logged in and out three times and each time I had to enter the code from Google Authenticator.


Same here. Everytime I logout, I am required to use my 2FA to get back in

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I am also forced to log back in after logging out of

However, it does appear that is not affected by this login \ logout even though both use

Logging into or out of does not also log me into or out of It appears they are using seperate login sessions.

If I could get Live stream - Wyze to load I would test that… But:


Yes, there does seem to be some interaction between and

  1. Login to
  2. Login at
  3. Logout at
  4. Login at

During that fourth step, I am brought right back to my Wyze account without having to reauthenticate.


Yes, there does appear to be a mismatched relationship.

  • Logged out of both sites and confirmed.
  • Logged into, returned to home tab and closed browser.
  • Opened and it appeared I was logged out. Pressed the login and it did not ask for login authentication but took me directly to my account.
  • Logged out of, returned to home tab and closed browser.
  • Returned to and pressed login. It required a new login, which I did not do. Returned to home tab and closed browser.
  • Relaunched and I was still logged in.

I repeated the order by logging out of both then logging into first, closing, and then launching it also showed me as logged out but bypassed login and entered my account.

It appears that the Login Credentials are universally applied but the logout command is site specific.

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We’re looking into this! Thank you very much. Looks like this isn’t currently behaving as we expect. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very good catch!


Alright! Please give this a try. It should be resolved now. :slightly_smiling_face:


@WyzeGwendolyn Same behavior still. Are you sure it is fully deployed?

Cleared my full browser cache and cookies. Logged into Then, I can login into and out of as many times as I want without an authentication challenge.


I’ll report this! Thank you!

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Okay, so we had thought your submission was about a cache issue.

The platform we use doesn’t allow for the universal logout you’re requesting. But we’ll keep an eye out for opportunities! Because it isn’t currently feasible with our tools, we’re moving this request to probably-not.