Add PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) to health products

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a science-backed health score that measures the heart health impact of physical activity. It gives you a personalized score, based on your profile and heart rate data to tell you if you’re doing enough, measuring what matters and keeping you motivated.


Since the band and scale are collecting a ton of personal information about “me” it would be beneficial to have the information correlated into a profile that can be utilized to benefit my health vs. just the collection of historical information. :man_health_worker:

PAI is a possible solution to utilize this information (I am not affiliated with them) that is already utilized by other band and health equipment manufacturers.

**Frankly I am open to any solution that will allow greater utilization of the information the WYZE equipment is collecting about me (us). :muscle:

Thanks for the consideration. :love_you_gesture: