Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I have Wyze Cams and Wyze Plugs. I would like to be able to trigger actions between Dawn/Dusk instead of at specific times. I’d also like to have an action- say a trigger from the cam turn on the plug or bulb for a user selectable period of time- 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes for example.

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Please add more actions for shortcuts and rules Wyze!!

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Based off of this suggestion which would allow greater control over detection zone shapes, another great addition would be allowing us to schedule detection zones. Use case scenario:

  • Overnight I would prefer expanding my detection zone to cover a wider area.
  • During the day I’d prefer to minimize the detection zone because there is more motion traffic in the “expanded” area.
  • Another complimentary option would be “people only detection zones” or “non-people detection zones”. Basically in that zone Wyze would only record and notify whichever detection zone rule is selected.
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Would it be possible to have multi-later rules? Eg if motion AND between certain hours?

Also, can the motion sensor have a trigger for sensing daylight?

Usecase: I would like to turn on lights outside if motion but not during middle of day. Or when the door opens when it is dark.


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This is already in testing. Read about it here: Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

The motion sensor hardware does not support day/night sensing.

Awesome! I will wait for multiple criteria rules.

Regarding daylight, is it possible to have a daylight API that is tied to long/lat. There are apparently simple home wall switches that do this so I’m wondering if Wyze could as well?

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And… here’s the #wishlist topic for that: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts / rules


I wanted to make a rule that turned off sound detection from the wyze camera when the motion sensor detected movement. However, detect sound on or off isn’t listed as a action. I can turn off the camera but I want the camera to stay on detecting motion because it is pointed outside my window.

Could you good people add a sound detection on and off actions?

Wyze please add more actions to your rules.

Could use a rule to sync times across all cams.

Definitely useful for time changes.

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Love the shortcuts but please add sound detection action to turn grouped cameras on and off easily.

You can already do this. Make a new rule as follows:

Trigger: Camera > Detects Sound

Action: Camera group > Turn on/off

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Sorry for the confusion. I don’t want the shortcut to turn off the camera. I want a shortcut to easily turn on/off motion detection and sound detection. Currently there is no action for switching sound detection.

Love this list! I especially love the request to trigger bulbs to a certain state for X time then return to previous state. Sort of surprised this wasn’t available at release.

I would add one request: Ability to select bulb scenes in device trigger. Currently when you select “turn on” bulb as your action it defaults to the bulbs current color & brightness settings which you can manually adjust, but scenes that have been created should show up as an option in the rules too.

We’re looking for a turn Sound On\Off Action not a Trigger.
For some reason Wyze has never set this up. Motion On\Off has always been available.

@kacaraka &

Got it. That’s the very first request of this topic. Hopefully Wyze will get around to implementing it in the not too distant future. Watch for this topic to change from “maybe later” to “researching” for an indication of that happening.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have added it to the list at the top. Be sure to click the VOTE button.


Agreed! I want this too. So many times the kids leave it open. Having an alert if left open after 9pm would be perfect.

sync time for ALL cameras with one click