Add fire /smoke/ CO alarm monitor to Wyze HMS

+100 I already have a ton of Wyze cameras but had to sign up with SimpliSafe just for the fire monitoring. Please, Wyze, add this feature and I’ll ditch SimpliSafe tomorrow.

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I suggest we all ask for this via their support chat, that way it gets logged as a feature request. The more they get the higher the chance this gets prioritized. Also, while we’re at it I asked for the ability to also trigger the sirens on the V3 Cams when an alarm goes off… which is even more basic, probably 30 minutes to implement.

Smoke detector for security system

I was hoping to switch to the Wyze security system but the lack of smoke detector of fire detection is a show stopper.

In my current system, I have multiple smoke detectors in a whole house system. A single relay to a door sensor gives me the connectivity and the the sensor simply identifies itself a fire alarm(the does sensors included 2 screw terminals to connect an external switch but if your sensors don’t have that, wires could simply be soldered to the reed switch). A way to configure this for fire on your system would be a reasonable interim solution.

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Curious if this has any chance of happening soon or maybe being worked on? I noticed there is no status report if one of the mods could give us an update please.

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Hi there,

Here’s what plenty of y’all have been waiting for – an official update from Wyze.

I do understand that the camera detects the smoke alarm but not the Wyze Home Monitoring system. Please allow me to explain.

The current Noonlight Monitoring certificate covers only motion and sound alerts. The system does not provide certification against Smoke and CO alerts thus the system won’t be able yet to detect Smoke and CO alerts.

We appreciate you all for bringing this to our attention and I’ll let our product team know.

We will definitely take note of this and rest assured that we will strive to improve the services we offered as we move forward.

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Let’s add leak detection to that list as well. Freeze too for that matter. They’re on the certificate but left unchecked.

Appreciate the update. When you say the system doesnt provide certification against spoke and co does that mean maybe you can get it where the camera detection is considered certified or does it mean you will need to come out with traditional smoke and co detectors in order to officially have HMS and noonlight certified for smoke and CO?

Monitored Leak and Climate Sensors

Thanks to your feedback asking for additional homeowner’s insurance savings, we’re adding professional monitoring to Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors. If a leak is detected or the Climate Sensor senses freezing temperatures, the agent at the monitoring center will send an SMS and call either you, or those that you’ve shared the service with. The Hub will also play a reminder sound. This new functionality will be added to your Monitoring Certificate to share with your insurance company.

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Here’s the link to the related tread on the wishlist! Vote if you haven’t already! Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Fire and CO2 alarms are must. Please start this service.


This would be a great and easy addition to the monitoring service.

I agree that this would be a great addition, I have voted for this and lobbied Wyze in other wishlist items for the same, but easy is another story.

Wyze does not manufacture anything. They source hardware from existing manufacturers willing to license their products and brand it as Wyze IoT ecosystem.

They would first need to secure a manufacturing partner agreement with a company willing to license their already developed design and software to Wyze and willing to program it with compatibility to the HMS Hub at a reasonable cost. That requires agreement from both the Detector manufacturer AND the Hub manufacturer since both are protected intellectual property. Without this, they would need to reinvent the wheel from the ground up. Far too costly.

Next, once they do have a working design, it would then be subjected to all the regulatory compliance certification and testing requirements that exist for Smoke Detectors and Fire Safety Equipment. Again, a costly endeavour.

I am certainly hoping they make an effort in this direction, but I am pragmatically optimistic.

@fawkz Do you have any rough ETA on when this functionality will be implemented ?

Also, as @mattw809 indicated…many are not asking strictly for add’l insurance savings. Some insurance providers are already now requiring Central Monitoring for these services (Leak, Climate, Fire). And not just burglary. Or they will cancel policy.


So the last time this was brought up was 12/2020. I searched for updates or info and do not see anything that would indicate any changes. Have I missed it somewhere? I was just declined a change for my home insurance as the company requires burglar and fire.

So can FIRE monitoring please be considered.


Monitoring Certificate needs to check Smoke/fire & carbon monoxide since checked as a monitored/notification feature

The Monitoring Certificate for CAM PLUS PRO indicates that it is able to detect smoke & CO alerts through listening via AI sound & triggers. This is an advertised feature and should be checked in addition to Noonlight monitoring for burglary/trespass.

Please update certificate to include the AI-Powered Professional security. You can still check both Smoke/Fire and Carbon Monoxide jut place in parenthesis (AI-professionally monitored) or edit the statement in the sentence above to state: Noonlight and AI-Professional are monitoring this location for various hazards…

Please update my Monitoring Certificate to include what I paid for: smoke/fire and carbon monoxide.

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I was able to buy a smoke alarm from X-Sense and pay for their monitoring service as well. They also use Noonlight, so now I can have a Noonlight certificate that has both burglary and fire, but given that I can already trigger alerts to my phone with the monitored cameras as part of Home Monitoring, it seems it would only require a software change to also send that to Noonlight. Then I’d have one fewer smart home app and save some money as well.

It really is maddening tgis isnt in place yet…we had a major insurer threaten to drop us.

All Wyze cams have the capability of listening for and alerting by push notification for Smoke and CO alarms. The HMS is not required for this. It is part of each cam’s settings.

I specifically need it to trigger an alarm with Noonlight so that Noonlight can state they are also covering smoke / fire on their monitoring certificate. My homeowners insurance company will give me a discount for having an alarm system, but it has to cover both burglary and fire.

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Understood. The functionality seems to have been programmed into the Monitoring Tab UI, but I have found it to end there. Any\all cam integration with the monitoring tab has never worked for my 5 security cams. No notifications for any AI or Alarm alerts, no live stream, events rarely load, live stream never worked.