Add Device - but nothing to select

Got a working setup with one cam, cam / playback all working as expected
just purchased a couple of new cams
Want to add them
Select Add a Product from the main menu
“Add Device” screen appears, with the text “Select the device you want to add”
But nothing is listed, as I recall should be a list of Wyze device types, i.e. can, sense etc

But there is nothing available on this screen to select ?

see same issue on my phone and tablet

app ver : 2.5.36

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OK - issue resolved

Did a ‘Force Stop’ in the android Settings for the Wyse app
Back in to Wyze app and Add device again and there was a list of product types for selection

Not clear why that was necessary, since had rebooted the phone prior to starting the Add

Tried the same on the tablet and selection list was now available on there too