Add connectivity range to Battery Cam Pro to at least meet the range of the discontinued outdoor cam

Why can’t the superceding product have the same range as the legacy discontinued product. I used a Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 about 280 feet from the base station no problem for years. Now that its battery has died, I’m frustrated in Wyze’s decision to replace that product with one that doesn’t offer a key performance attribute of the product it replaces. The whole point of a wireless camera is the connectivity range. If it’s got to be so close to the Wifi signal, as I’m learning with the Battery Cam Pro I’m about to return, then why not just use a wired camera?

I have the opposite experience. My battery outdoor V2 cameras were very poor, like within 20 feet needed to the hub, and I am finding the Battery Cam Pro is good for at least 40 feet. Events are always a code 9 but the camera does connect where the V2 would not and I get a live view on the camera. Your 280 feet - I am gobsmacked that their cameras could achieve 280 ft. I am so envious but sorry about your current situation. I swear I will not buy another battery cam from Wyze but I did buy three of the Cam Pro. I am hoping that the team support will help me a code 9.