Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

I have seen various requests along these lines, but not quite this specific. I currently use the Wyze Plug to activate a wired siren and strobe-light to go off if a door sensor is triggered. This actually works very well (I’m so glad Wyze has the ability to make things work outside the box!).

What would be a better solution, and I think people would buy it, would be to have a combined Siren/Strobe/Speaker. The speakers on the camera are pretty tinny. Great feature but I don’t think based on the size of the cams a better speaker system could be implemented. Being that this item would normally not be in use often, it could be wireless like the sensors. 4 AA batteries could easily power a pretty loud piezo speaker and led strobe-light.

The technology already exists in current Wyze products, they would just have to be cobbled together to make 1 functioning unit.

Thanks Wyze!

add ons are good but this is a simple software update … just add a button to the wyze app and allow it to be able to upload a sound file to be played when button is pushed.

The Bosma is bigger and heavier to house that siren. and more expensive.

can you share the siren you use? I’d like to set one up too. thank you

Hi shauns are you asking me about the Bosma camera you can get off Amazon with 115 db alarm or flick 70?

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It seems like there are really two different requests. One is for an extremely loud (110 dB) siren or alarm. The other is just to have the speakers on the camera play a chime, either at the users command, or when a sensor triggers it. It seems like the second request could be done much more easily.

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Here’s the separate #wishlist post for the related request:

Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Yes that is why I altered my request to the latter…to just be able to have a button in the app on your phone to play a sound file ie siren sound, barking dogs, etc. This seems like an easy software fix. Let’s start with that and get it in the program already. Please!

The other requires a physical change and at this rate I don’t see that happening for awhile.

Hi Samuel,

Sorry, my cameras are mounted outside therefore I would need a soft chime in the house for the door sensors. Having chime on camera wouldn’t help muchness.

The loud siren could go inside or outside, but seems like it is difficult to find one that will plug into AC and always be on.

What I have set up at home is that power-loss siren (btw it does work with 110V) I bought from amazon hooked up to a smart switch such as Wyze’s. When I want to sound the alarm on a particular device trigger, I simply have the action to turn that switch off. Very loud and cheap!


Great do you have any pics and any link to what you bought to use? Love to see it!


I know I’m a little late in this thread but I made a DIY solution to this. I bought a siren (Honeywell I think), Wired it to a 12v plug and plugged it into a Wyze outlet. You can then set it to trigger using motion detection, door sensors, etc.

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DIY solutions and work-arounds are always welcome, it gives us ways to make things work until WYZE decides if or when they may do something.


thx, are you using a 12v inverter too then?

I’m so confused.

An inverter converts the DC electricity from sources such as batteries or fuel cells to AC electricity. The electricity can be at any required voltage; in particular it can operate AC equipment designed for mains operation, or rectified to produce DC at any desired voltage.

Uninterruptible power supplies

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That’s great. Standard reply from Wyze doesn’t help solve the issue. If you look at the uploaded videos on the wyze app that people have uploaded…most are outdoors or are aimed outdoors. I’m inclined to believe most people are using outdoors as it would be useless during evening hours behind glass with the night infrared sensor.

There are also many outdoor covers being sold by other vendors to help solve most peoples outdoor setups…although it doesn’t solve the moisture, humidity, or condensation problem found outdoors.

Even RING gave the same answer for their exterior lights/pir/cam setup. Once I talked to them and described my location, they immediately declared it was considered outdoors due to possible condensation (no AC or dehumidifier) and every answer they gave to my list of questions precluded/started with “Our products are designed for indoor use only and cannot be used outside, humid, or wet locations”…and then they’d answer my questions. Again that was for their outdoor driveway lights with pir and camera setup. Really lame answer from a bigger company such as RING. I hope Wyze doesn’t offer an outdoor solution and then say its not designed for moisture or humidity. That would be lame.

My setup is indoors(no rain, no sun, no snow, but with water movement and holes in floor where ducks and other critters get in.

So far I had to disable the cam movement sensing and move the pir sensors to the floor aimed upward. They notify now when ducks get in to nest. I will be testing a siren setup to a wyze power outlet to see if that works. Sadly, it should scare the ducks away along with anyone else that tries getting in.

BTW, my indoor cameras are also turned off for motion, since the normal sunlight changes of the day trigger motion alerts. So, even the indoor camera setups have flaws in the real world.

I would like to see a Barking Dog alarm ac powered that an event would activate this would be a very good deterrent when you are not home / or away from your work location These could work with Wyze plugs / sensors. All the other products that work with IFTTT and different plugs are complicated setups for a non technical guys

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I have not taken the time to read every post on this thread completely so if I missed a similar solution, I apologize. I have an easy solution to satisfy my personal needs in a siren type alarm that some may find workable for their needs as well. Though I have yet to make it, it’s easy in concept.
I don’t want a loud indoor siren so much as I want any potential unwanted intruder to know that they have triggered an alarm once inside. At the same time, I also don’t want a loud siren that will freak my cat out for whatever period it blasts away.
So here’s the solution I will eventually employ… Buy a low DC voltage continuously pulsing piezo type buzzer or chime from Amazon or RadioShack. Very inexpensive and come in different decibel levels. As somewhat of a pack rat, I have a number of old AC/DC adapters in various voltages kept from long disposed products. Most people have one or two lying around unused. Cut off the tip on the end of the adapter’s wire… in fact, you will only need a very short length, Attach the positive and negative wires from the adapter to the buzzer. Plug the adapter into a Wyze Plug and secure the buzzer to the rest with hot glue or tape to make a nice unit, Trigger the Plug as needed from sensors and done! “Arm” and “disarm” the buzzer via the app’s on/off for the Plug.

The item is this one:

Sorry I don’t have an image at the moment but it’s pretty much what you’d expect! The thing to remeber is that this siren will engage when then smart plug is disabled!

Are we ever going to get a Wyze siren? I have been waiting for 3 years and thought by now we would have one for sure. I love Wyze but I need more :joy:!


Been trying? Even said for now just do a software fix and let us play a soundfile of our choice by hitting a button on app’