AC not working with Wyze thermostat

My Wyze thermostat is wired the way it told me to when I recently installed it, and the wiring has been verified in the app. We just had our first hot day of the year and the AC is not cooling as I thought it would. The thermostat is set to cool to 70 degrees, and I can hear the blower running however the reported temperature is going up and it is definitely hot in the house. I went outside and the AC is running. On my previous thermostat heat and cool both worked.

I have a Hybrid system which makes use of a heat pump/gas heat (for emergency) and an AC unit that sits outside the house. I tried to attach a couple of pictures showing before and after wiring diagram for both thermostats, but it wouldn’t let me post them. The wiring comparison is:

Old (Honeywell)
Blue S1 (Wyze said not to use)
Brown S2 (Wyze said not to use)
Yellow Y
Green G
Black C
Orange O/B
White E
Red R

Wyze Thermostat:
Blue & Brown (Unused, per Wyze)
Red RC
Yellow Y1
Orange O/B
Green G
Black C
White * (as specified by Wyze)

White is my emergency / Gas heat. The heat has been working fine, but the AC doesn’t appear to be cooling. Please let me know if any further information is needed.


settings>advanced>swap hot and cool

Likely, your heating has been running with the air conditioner also running, which wont hurt anything, it will just dry out the air more.