Ability to use Wyze Watch to contact emergency services

I’d like to have a feature to be able to contact emergency services via the wyze watch. It would be incredibly beneficial for the elderly as well as those with some disabilities who may not be in range of their cell phone if they have a medical emergency or fall and can not get up.

I think this is a great idea to be able to press a button on the watch and have an alert sent to Noonlight

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The watch doesn’t have cellular capability, so it would only be able to make emergency calls via the smartphone that has been paired with it. That would require the smartphone to be within Bluetooth range (and turned on). You’d also – I think – need the Wyze app to be running and for “Run in background” to be enabled for the app so that it could receive an emergency Bluetooth signal from the watch. That will probably be fairly battery-intensive, increasing the chance that the phone will run out of power unexpectedly. Finally, my experience with the Wyze Band was that the Band can lose contact with the paired phone quite easily. If that’s still true of the Watch, then you have a problem.

A lot of things have to work exactly right for the Watch to function effectively as an emergency device. I think Wyze would be very reluctant to offer an app that might or might not work in a crisis. Even if they couldn’t be held legally liable if the app didn’t work, they may feel that it would be a bad idea to encourage people to use something that’s less than 100% reliable for this type of application. If someone needs that kind of functionality, they should buy a device that will work, rather than trusting their lives to a $25 watch that might not.

That’s asking a lot for something that was never really designed to do. The Apple Watch can do it and does do it. But I can also make and receive calls on it. It works good. I number of times I’d have left my iPhone in my office, and be upstairs and and at the far side of the factory and I get a phone call. Well my Apple Watch and iPhone are connected to the same network, so they are linked. I can answer the call on my watch. Not a bid deal and I’m told I sound just fine on it. Or you can get one with Cell Service built in., and pay a little every month. You can get away for the most part of not havng a phone on you or around you. Not 100% as you still need an iPhone to change things like Notifications. You really only want a few to get to you on your watch that are important. Then for watch updates. But for the most part, you can use it everywhere without having your phone on you can get your phone calls and messages. Use some AirPods if you want to be more private. Even just 1 AirPod. You have Fall Detection and other things and can get Emergency services. It’ll auto call if you don’t stop it.

If you have Android, may want to look into one of Samsung’s Smart Watches. I don’t know what all features they have these days. Wyze could do it, I doubt with their current watches, but maybe in a future watch. It needs to be done right to be of value. There is a lot that goes into it.

Mid-May update: Other smart watches now have “emergency button” functions. See: ([Smart watches with Emergency Buttons] Time for Wyze Watch to get onboard -especially for us older senior folks that Really need it. At the very least it could trigger a Noonlight alarm - BUT I would suggest another option that I personally would prefer: work a deal with Deadman Tracker to trigger prearranged neighbor alerts - a very reliable resource for emergency responses for seniors. DMT is what I currently use on my phone.