Ability to setup a schedule that ignores or overrides soil/rain sensor

I would like to be able to create a schedule that will run even if my soil sensor says the soil is saturated. I have a zone with potted flowers that I water once a week. Currently, I have to remember to disable my soil sensor if the lawn is saturated, then turn it back on after the watering is complete. I did turn off the skip for saturation but it seems that only works for the estimated soil moisture calculation because the app still skipped because of the soil sensor. Adding a check box for ignoring the rain sensor and another for ignoring the soil sensor in the scheduling section of the app would do the trick.

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Soil Moisture and weather override switch on each schedule

This feature is beneficial when new sod or other plants are newly planted where such will require more frequent watering.
Ideally, a checkbox option should be added under the settings for each schedule.

The wyze team recently made me aware that there is a bug that is causing only one of my schedules to work per day ā€” I just had new sod installed in Florida where the weather is super hot and we have highly unpredictable rain. To get around this, Iā€™m having to go to each zone and start them manually for the second watering of the day!

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