Sprinkler Controller Smart Schedule for Covered Outdoor Plants

Right now with the Sprinkler controller, you cannot disable rain-skip while on a smart schedule. I would like to use the smart schedule to figure out saturation/etc based on temperature, but this doesn’t work for my hanging baskets that have drip emitters in them under overhangs. Yesterday for example, my hanging baskets with dwarf tomatoes and basil we’re looking dramatic/wilting because the controller thought they had plenty of moisture because of all the rain we have received lately. Since they are under an overhang, that was not the case for them.

Hi @Ztup , Smart Schedule uses weather data and inputs (therefore soil moisture) to determine watering schedule. You could fine-tune your zone parameters or, could you remove that zone from the Smart Schedule and create a Fixed Schedule for it? Fixed has Rain and Saturation skips that you can change.

Sorry to hear about your tomatoes and basil :unamused:

After a manual watering they perked back up. It would be nice if Wyze offered more specific recommendations on soil moisture sensors, or even offered their own, then it could take some of the guesswork out of the mix.

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