Ability to print report of ALL WYZE DEVICE info

I know a lot of information is contained in the DEVICE INFO area of device.

And I refer to the device information often, checking MAC addresses, IP Addresses, date added, signal strength, etc.

But I’ve got more WYZE Devices than I can count … and more are on the way.

It would sure be nice to have the ability to PRINT and/or just save ONE SINGLE REPORT listing the critical information about ALL MY DEVICES.

Optimally, it would nice have the ability to sort the report on Date Added or MAC addresses, etc. But I realize that would be a tall order.

It would also be nice to be able to dump ALL DEVICE information in a file so it could be imported into a spreadsheet.

Why? Because I want it. I’m far less technical than most WYZE addicts, but I know that as WYZE grows, more and more of us are going to have more and more WYZE devices.

It would be nice to have a report so that all the critical information about ALL DEVICES is displayed in one report rather than hunting and pecking through each device.

I admit, I’m anal. But I’m also lazy. As I said, I have multiple V3s on the way to add to my already large group of WYZE products.

I do have a MAC ADDRESS program that can track all the MAC addresses of all my WIFI devices. But as some may know, not all Names or Manufacturers are discovered by MAC ADDRESS programs (at least on the cheap or free ones, which are more my style.)

Having a list with all the vital statistics of the devices would be great for troubling shooting … such as connection strength or battery charge.

This I like a lot! Got my vote!

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Tomp, thanks for the vote!

Since two of us support this idea, we’re sure to win! It’s a given that @UserCustomerGwen, @WyzeDongsheng and the other Wyze people will certainly incorporate it in the next APP update.

Ok, so having the APP generate a all inclusive report is not going viral. But I would really like to have the ability to be able to see and quickly refer to everything is a one page report … hmmm, if all my devices would even fit on one page. Might need two. Dumping so that I could import to a spreadsheet would be great.

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I like this idea!
Maybe a “device report” could also be sent weekly, monthly, or yearly by email.
Don’t forget to vote fo your #wishlist item @todwatts!


Thanks. I keep forgetting to vote for myself! Thanks for the reminder (again). Last time I voted for myself was for “Most Popular” in high school. I only got one vote (my vote) and was totally embarassed … yet happy I had gotten 1 vote. There were only two other candidates for Most Popular so all of us got votes, some candidates a lot more than others. But still, I didn’t get skunked.


I have so many Wyze devices now, it is hard to keep track of all of them and would love the ability to generate a report with all of the device information.

That would address one of my gripes about the current device information screen on the current app. Yes, I could do screen shots but not only is that a hassle, the camera or device name is not listed on the device information screen so I’d have to label each screen shot.

As Wyze already has our email address since that is our username, all they would have to do it add a button to the app to generate and email us the report of all our device information.

Should they do this, please include all device information such as what WiFi SSID the device is using and if a SD card is installed, please give the SD card information (free space and total space).

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I know, @davsav, it seems like the number of my Wyze devices is growing faster than a bunch of rabbits. (wonder if there’s a correlation there).

Obviously my original post idea isn’t very popular with 6 votes. Thanks for the support!

But I’m shocked WYZE app doesn’t have a “report” feature, listing all the pertinent info including IP (which change)/MAC (which doesn’t)/Install date/signal strength, etc. of all devices, in one concise report.

It seems like it would be a simple thing for WYZE to add.

Maybe @UserCustomerGwen or @WyzeDongsheng can pull some strings if they see the value.

I agree that it would be pretty simple to add a report function.

I’ve got 31 devices in use at the moment and a number of others I’ve not yet activated. As a result, it is a major hassle to keep track of which item is using which ip address and such.

While I could certainly do screen shots of each device’s screen info display, that screen doesn’t have the device name on it so I’d have to either name each screen shot or write on each one so I knew which device it corresponds to.

At the very least, since the devices are wifi enabled and report in (well, except for the sensors) it would be easy enough to add a report function to the web site account screen.

I couldn’t agree more, @davsav.

Having the ability to generate and print a complete report of all my Wyze products vital information would be a quick, easy way for me to refer to all the vitae of my devices.

Having the ability to select which “fields” I wanted in the report would be an added bonus, say I only wanted a quick print out of each Wyze product’s name, device type, signal strength and Mac address.

I’m not quite up to 30+ Wyze products, but getting close. I have more V3s enroute, and expect I’ll be adding more in the future!

I have always been a “database” freak so I realize that generating a report from the information already contained by the WYZE app wouldn’t be that difficult. Hopefullly @WyzeDave and @WyzeDongsheng will get onboard.