Ability to go to exact time in video playback

Add a feature to allow the user to click on the video scrubber and enter a specific time to go to, the scrubber can be difficult to get to a specific time in the recording.

First scroll to the approximate time, then use a pinch-out (two fingers spreading apart) gesture on the timeline to zoom in. This gives you finer control over the time.

That said, here’s an existing #wishlist topic where you can vote for direct time entry for playback:

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You can now hop on over to the merged topic and VOTE for it. For your vote to count, you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page.

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!


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[potential WORKAROUND on last line]

glad you are sorted, but in my case , i am fully aware of all the UI functions in that screen, and they simply disconnect over a slow connection. Other Wyze users have commented they have witnessed this as well over slower (cellular, abroad) lines. There is enough bandwidth to play the video, as if I ask it to play back video from 10 minutes or 1 hour ago, it will happily play back the video just fine. But if you try to scroll further back, like 4 hours, or 8 hours, it disconnects & you have to start the attempt all over again (after a few attempts i usually give up). I have multiple Wyzecams with class 10 sdcards from different vendors (scandisk/kingston)

There appears to be something in the way the scrollbar is implemented which is timing out if you try to go too far back in time (beyond an hour or 2).
If it is too much work to fix/reproduce this at the Wyze offices, then the simplest workaround would be to add an input box to enter the time in hh:mm to start playback from.