A question about the sequence mode in Tinycam

I have four cams now and I use Tinycam for the sequencing feature. Is there any way to specify or limit which cameras I want in the sequence? Thanks.

Uncheck the “Enabled” switch in the camera settings


Thank you for that simple solution. “Wy” didn’t I think of that. :smiley:

Another option is to assign Tags in Manage Cameras (e.g. select all Wyze cameras located in office and assign Office tag). Then in in app drawer select tags for live view and start sequence mode. App will go through only all those tags cameras.

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Excellent! Tinycam has so many great features and I am still working on learning how to use them all. Thank you for teaching me about that feature. :+1:

Is this the correct tinycam

That looks different. Note the icon in below link:

There’s also a pro version. And note the casing of the name.

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Is it not available for iOS? Where do I find it? I couldn’t find it in apple App Store.

Not 100% sure but I do not think it is available on iOS

There is no iOS version. There is a version for Amazon fire devices, I think.

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I thought so. I’m trying to find it.

If you go to tinyCam website and click amazon link it doesn’t show anymore

I just visited the Tinycam website and clicked on the Amazon link and it worked fine for me. I saw the Tinycam Pro and the free Tinycam download links together.

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There is no specific version for the Amazon Fire devices. Only versions are the Free or Pro versions and are for Android devices. Amazon’s link to the two versions takes you to the Amazon Appstore for Android. I used the Google Play link to purchase the Pro version.

I was on tinycammonitor. My bad. Thanks!

Since I’m on iOS. Can I use this with my amazon fire tv?

I wish that I had a definitive answer for you on that. I do not own any Amazon Fire products myself. I do have the Amazon Echo Show Gen 1 device and I can view one camera at a time on it in short intervals as it times out after about ten minutes or so. You can contact the Tinycam developer and ask him about that if you like.

Support email: alexey.vasilyev@gmail.com

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Thank you for your help. I’ll look into if he covers my cctv brand too. Thanks.

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You are very welcome! I hope you find what you need.

Yes, at least I do. Can even pan the pan cam with the amazon remote, or tell echo to display “Front Door”, etc… I searched for it under apps I think, on the Firestick. Installed it and scanned network. The tricky part for me was understanding the number Tinycam gives each cam. But someone posted a great guide here in the forum. It’s on the phone version, but it’s all the same. Only prob with the Firestick is it crashes if you display 4 cams for too long, something to do with heat I think. But a single cam will stay up all day it seems. And you don’t have a lot of the controls you do in the Wyze app, but Tinycam is much much faster and more responsive. Course that could just be my old equipment.

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