A new partnership for Wyze

I wonder if the Roku app will be strictly portrait mode :sunglasses:



Looks like Wired may have better information:

The company announced that it is partnering with Wyze, a smart home camera manufacturer, to produce an affordable line of smart home products.


Yea, was just informed that this is an official partnership, and Roku is using Wyze stuff, but the 2 ecosystems won’t be compatible.


I just got the email blast from Roku, so it’s official I guess.

Yep, just got the email.

There is a commercial partnership between the two companies.


“Ecosystems won’t be compatible”: That’s a bummer for those of us that have Wyze Cameras & Roku Streaming devices - it would be great to be able to Stream to your Roku TV™ or Player!!


I don’t begrudge a company for expanding. But they should think about the consumers who got them to the point where they could expand. Doesn’t look like Wyze cares.


The Roku CS1000R sells for $26.88 at WalMart

The Wyze sells for $35.95 on Amazon

After installing the Roku app and comparing it to the Wyze app, I plan to try and flash the Wyze firmware on the Roku

I tried adding it to the Wyze app. Got as far as scanning the QR code but got an error in about 30 seconds saying “connection timeout. Please rescan QR code” so this camera can’t be used with the Wyze app. Even if I flashed the Wyze firmware to the Roku, it still would not be recognized.

ROKU calls this an indoor camera.

A Roku forum user asked “On IPad, the Roku app does not rotate from Portrait to Landscape. Is there a way to change to Landscape. It isn’t because of Orientation lock on IPad. How can I watch Roku Channel in Landscape on my IPad?”

Reply “There is not an iPad app for Roku. Roku built an iPhone-only app. It will run on iPad, but won’t take advantage of the iPad environment”

Going back to WalMart.

The Roku app is almost identical to the Wyze app.


Truly amazing! Wyze can no doubt spend hours or days or perhaps months setting this deal up but they can not spend half a day or so to give customers a decent notification icon. Tells you where their priority is. And it aint us!

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What do you mean by this? More curious than anything else.

Assume you are talking about the Image or coloring of the Notifications?

This perhaps?

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Black T-Shirt then, the logo / Name goes across the entire chest. Or wear the Wyze Hat.

The notification you get when you get an alert on your phone is useless. It is way too small.

@Bobbert, I agree. I voted for the icon change over in that #wishlist thread and posted… As did you.

But, that’s not what this topic is about and is entirely unrelated to the notification icon. There are several hundred great wishlist items that should be developed. None of them have any relation to the Roku partnership.

This was an opportunity for Wyze and they obviously took that opportunity when it was a available. I’m pretty sure none of the programmers wasted any of their time on the deal.

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Thank you for the helpful link!


Thanks SlabSlayer

I appreciate the chastisement for cross posting. If Wyze would devote more attention to the wish list items, it might prevent the need or the want for cross posting in order to get attention to items that I wanted and quite actually have been paid for through customer patronage. I don’t begrudge the company for pursuing new business in the least. Far from it. I encourage it. But not at cost of product support.

As you said there are hundreds of items in the wish list. Hundreds that have not been addressed.


LOL maybe Roku writes better firmware and apps…:rofl:


Does the Roku App support dark mode?

No. It’s almost identical to the Wyze app. Same features. Also you cannot flash firmware from Roku to wyze