A heartbeat rate chart in Wyze Watch 47?

What exactly does ‘heartbeat rate monitoring’ mean: just a quick HBR lookup or an actual record/table/chart like an iWatch can display?

Also, how can I somehow display a stock quote or breaking Google News, for example?

The Shortcut creation process and and its capabilities or limitations for each of the 10 available items are not clear to me…

Hi @TonyG On the watch Settings you can turn on the Heart Rate which will record every 5 minutes. On the App under Data it will show a bar graph of your heart rate for each hour of the day.
Touching the HR bar reveals the min and max heart rate for that hour. There are tabs on the top of this screen for Weekly and Monthly.

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OK, so it’s on the app, not the watch screen. Hopefully, that option will be considered in the future–to make the most of the watch screen. :slight_smile:

They certainly could add a dot chart, not just a Hi-Lo one as the HBR is taken every 5 minutes and creates a nice data set to please the eye.

There is a bar graph for the Steps/Calories. Think a watch graph for heart rate is good idea.

I was thinking the same thing. It’s missing a heart rate graph in the data charts ON the watch. Definitely a wishlist item for firmware updates.

The other one I would love to see is free training for the workout tracker app. All it does now is allow for tracking run workouts.