A Frustrated Squirrel

In our constant attempt to feed birds, rather than squirrels, we got some new bird feeders and positioned a camera to see what happened. After about two weeks, the squirrels still have not figured out how to get food out of the feeders, although not for lack of trying. On the other hand, we are getting birds several times a day, and they seem to be happy!


Can’t fault their industry. :slight_smile:

We’ve a load of the little Bambi-buddies at work on our urban lot (apt-dwelling neighbors feed them unshelled peanuts and they bury them in hundreds of holes across the terrain.)

That seems to work well

I was so frustrated I acutally used a water heater pan upside down trimmed the rim so they couldn’t hold on to it then mounted the bird feeder on top of a landscape pole. It’s worked for the last 4 years.