A few suggestions/comments for the cam pan - 24 hour review

Hello team,

Sorry in advance for the redundancy! I’m sure a lot of these suggestions/comments have been asked/answered.

This is what I sent to the team after receiving my cam pan and using it for 24 hours:

  1. When I pan around, the camera always moves back to default view. It would be nice if there were a pause option to keep the camera at my current “panned” view.
  2. To set a “panned” or “preferred” view, I need to set a single “pan scan setting”. Thus, erasing my previous pan scan settings. It would be nice if I could choose from “multiple” pan scan settings (setting 1,2,3, etc.) so I don’t need to reprogram each time.
  3. It would also be nice if I could immediately pause the pan scan when I see something interesting. Instead, I need to flip through the settings to turn pan scan off, and by that time the interesting object is gone.
  4. I like to listen to the camera while my daughter is playing in the yard, but each time I speak to her, and subsequently mute the microphone, the outside mic turned off. It would be nice if I could mute the app microphone without having to reset the outside microphone each time.
  5. Can you improve the night vision internally? Like a digital adjustment/brightness setting that the user could make?
  6. I’m not thrilled about the sound of the motor when the camera is pan scanning. I’d even be interested in a temporary mute option that automatically mutes the mic while the camera is pan scanning.
  7. I’d like to use the cam pan outdoors in a damp location. Is there an outdoor unit coming out? I will definitely be purchasing another, but prefer water resistant.
  8. Alexa is not able to open my cam on my tablet 8. Any suggestions?
  9. I tried formatting the Kingston 32 gb card from the app, it failed, and I had to re-format from my laptop. Please note.
  10. I’d prefer a black or even an olive green option for outside camouflage… Please note.
  11. Ideally, for me, I’d like the option to view two cameras on one screen.
  12. I’d like an app for the amazon tablet that’s the same as my cell phone app, and I’d like a desktop website that I could log in to that’s the same as my cell phone app.
  13. For “shortcut” actions, it would be nice have the option of turning on /off the pan scan setting. Example, I’ll leave the camera on my driveway while I’m at home, but I’d like to scan when I’m gone (further complicated with item 2 because I need to set a single pan scan setting on my driveway). I’d like a simple driveway view when home and a pan scan while away (switched on remotely).
    Thank you!

The camera and support are great! Thank you for such a nice product!

Hey @cam1 I think I can answer a few of your questions/concerns. :sunglasses:

on #4 I believe this was covered in a topic recently but I’m having trouble finding it but for the audio, the audio on the pan cam is true 2way audio. I believe when you mute the microphone you may be muting the incoming audio as well. try talking without that and see if they can just speak back freely.

#7 there currently is an outdoor cam in development. we haven’t gotten details on it yet but it is marked as in development and was recently mentioned in a Q&A I think. so that is coming but I couldn’t tell you a timeline. I wouldn’t suggest putting out cameras outdoors in a damp location, especially the pan cam as all its moving parts are unsealed and would be VERY susceptible to moisture.

#9 I recently made a post about SD cards as there have been a multitude of issues with cards. many of these are due more to the card itself and not so much the camera and its effects on the cards. I wouldn’t recommend a general Kingston card for our cameras. being on the fairly lower level of card quality I would think they might be prone to failing due to constant writing and rewriting. so far a few people have mentioned cards they like and or have had luck with, check out this post as it might help with your card issue

#10 there is talk about possibly bringing back cam colors ( I think only in black though) but its not a high priority right now. one alternative you might like ( and its reversible if you don’t like it or needs change) there is a gentleman on these forums that is making vinyl wraps for some of the cameras, I purchased a few from him for my V2’s and love them. I have already reached out to him about being able to let people know who he is if he would be cool with it so they could buy some wraps, but I haven’t heard back yet. if I do, ill let you know how to contact him.

*# 11 I think this is being worked on and might be in beta soon

#12 they are currently working on real time streaming protocol (RTSP) and I believe maybe be in testing in beta soon as well. its something that has been requested for quite a while and has quite the demand. they mentioned that were working on it in the last Q&A here is a link to the RTSP post and it is labeled as in development

Hope this helps.

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I’d love to have a simple way to have the interior camera powered off while we are home. I don’t really need it on when we are home. ONly when I’m sleeping or we are away. I can turn off notifications but it still constantly follows everyone that walks through.

You can turn the camera on and off on a schedule using the Shortcuts feature in the app:


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@cam1: For you issues not covered by @bam, please hop over to the #roadmap section and search. Several of your suggestions are already covered there.

For any that you can’t find, you can submit a new #roadmap topic for review. Please be sure to make your submission a single subject without combining multiple ideas in one submission. Be sure to read the pinned post about how #roadmap works before submitting.

Thank you Bam and Loki for responding!

#4 we have the voice option with the microphone symbol, and the sound option with the speaker symbol. It seems they’re interconnected where each time the mic is turned off, the speaker turns off too. It would be nice if they weren’t interconnected so the sound stays on when the speaker it turned off.

#7 I was thinking about putting my cam outside in one of these (not in direct weather, but under the eaves)

#9 I bought the cheapo Kingston 32 and I’m sure others will too. I’ll let you know how it works out…

#10 Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for the wraps! (especially in the future for the water resistant cam if they don’t have color options)

#11 split screens, very cool!

#12 I’ve heard of folks tricking their tablet and PC to download the Wyze app as if it was an android device. I’ve also heard of a tinycam app that lets you view multiple cams. I’ll stick with the prescribed method and wait until something officially comes out from Wyze. Exciting stuff!

Loki, I’ll check out the #roadmap section and post accordingly. Thanks!

Shortcuts did not work for me. I responded to you in my main question thread as well.

For colors- and if you are a DIYer, check out peelable automotive spray paint. Comes in all sorts of colors, and if you dont like it, or need to move the came and want a new color- just peel off the old. Screenshot%20from%202019-02-21%2009-03-46


Get a wemo or another smart plug. Use ifttt to shut the power to the smart plug off when you enter a geo fenced area and power the plug on when you exit the geo fenced area.

This way you can be certain the camera is off, without having to do anything manually. Wemo smart plugs cost about $20.

@laura there is a guy one here who made me some vinyl wraps for my cameras…they are great quality…msg him if you are looking for wraps at a decent price. his tag is @robertcedwards

message him:)

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