A different use for a Wyzecam: power outage monitor

! noticed that the scrollbar in the video playback neatly shows periods where no video was taken in white, versus blue where video was taken & stored to the sd card.
this can serve to provide see remotely when & how long power outages occurred, you can tell how for many hours the outage lasted (so you will know if your frozen goods are still safe)


it is not affected by internet outages, as the wyzecam will still record to the sdcard.

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Yep, I have used mine for the same purpose - or more often, to confirm that power is either on or failed.

I realize there isn’t currently a way of being notified for a camera down event,

but is there ( maybe via Ifttt) a way of being notified for a camera back online event?
maybe using a combination of sensors?