A/c and furnace running at once

A/c unit shouldn’t be running and not sure why it is when heat is on

I responded to you in the other thread as well.
You either told the wyze that you have a heat pump when you don’t, or you are mistaking the fan running before the furnace heats up for A/C.
Show a picture of your old thermostat wiring and your wyze wiring and I’ll see if you have it hooked up incorrectly.

Ok, you used the C adapter. I need to see how you wired that up as well.

I hooked all the wires up as the letters show and the c wire up with the com/24

Where is the blue wire in your wyze? You’ve got the green (FAN) wire attached to C on the thermostat.

There wasn’t a blue wire up where thermostat is at

Your system is wired incorrectly - The installer was cheap, and instead of running the thermostat wire to the furnace and then running a separate wire to the A/C compressor, they ran one wire from the furnace to the compressor and then split it off to the thermostat. What this means is that the wire in your furnace marked Y is not going directly to the thermostat, it goes through the A/C compressor relay first, so the C adapter will cause the compressor to run whenever it calls for fan., You might be able to fix this by removing the C adapter from the furnace and putting it into the A/C compressor box instead. Otherwise your only option is to rewire the system so that your thermostat wires go directly to your furnace instead of stopping along the way at your outdoor A/C compressor.