6.9 earthquake July 5, 2019

Originally reported as a 7.1, then downgraded to 6.9. Epicenter near Ridgecrest, CA. Here is footage of my birdie cam; we were 148 miles away in LA. Internet cut out at the end and was lost for 6 minutes. Not how calmly I go find a doorway. Birdie was freaked, but he was ok.

July 5 earthquake


Looks like you got significantly more jolting than we did 180 mi away. Here, strong rolling, undulating, no jolt at all.

I noticed that the timestamp on our footage (banal, power lines swinging a bit) was ~1 min later than that listed on the USGS site. 180 mi / 3 mi sec = 60 sec, which aligned with the least complex answer here:

Did birdie start to freak before the onset?


We are about 148 miles from the epicenter — I did notice a time lag from when it started here as opposed to the official time the 7.1 hit.

Yes, actually, all three birds started acting frightened about 10 seconds before I felt anything moving.


Better than the ShakeAlertLA app judging from the reviews. :slight_smile:


YES! I have ShakeAlert on my phone and NOT A PEEP from the app for either of the earthquakes. Plus when I went to see the “recent earthquakes” list on the app it was EMPTY – and I have it set up to show anything above a 4.0. Waste of phone memory…

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This isn’t Wyze related, just a remote earthquake “noticing” event.

There is a seismograph in the basement of a mining museum in Jerome, AZ. While I was watching the graph on the display it started going nuts. The relatively flat lines on the screen are hours of basically nothing happening in terms of earthquakes. Then suddenly, as I was watching…

I went to the front desk to tell the staff and they all came running. After jotting down the time of the event, one guy went back to his desk, logged into the USGS site and matched up the time. I had “witnessed” a 7.1 earthquake that had just occurred off the coast of Venezula, 3500 miles away.

It would be interesting to see a time-lapse graphic of the the planet “breathing” seismologically. :slight_smile: