3D printer monitoring

V3 working great to monitor 3d printer progress. What is it- a replacement part for my vacuum.


Hello, @Chaskamn

Okay, I’ll ask… what kind of replacement part are you printing for your vacuum?

Is the part for the Wyze RoboVac or a non-Wyze vacuum?

No rush responding… enjoy your Sunday morning.

Let me say right off- not a Wyze RoboVac!

The part is a type of quarter turn latch that is used to open/close the roller brush cover (Shark).

I have attached a picture of the set up with the V3. The mount is a redesign of an idea from Thingiverse.



I appreciate the answers and the camera mounting picture @Chaskamn - TY.


Mind telling me exactly what your camera setup is for the printer? I’d like to do the same.


I have actually switched and have a V2 camera on the mount. I do also have a small led nightlight in the enclosure to provide illumination. Nothing special about the camera setup- Just attached to my network like all my other devices. When I am printing I just open the app and watch to see if it failed or has issues. I am also posting a second version of the mount to Thingiverse. I have been printing ABS lately and using the heated bed and the enclosure reprinted a slightly stiffer design.