A way to allow the Wyze Cam 3 to focus much closer - For use monitoring 3D Printers and bird houses

`I’m going to post an article to Thingiverse that will allow owners of Cam 3’s to focus much closer than normal so they can monitor a 3D printer or even the inside of a bird house. Basically I used items that are 3D printed to clamp closeup lenses in front of the Cam 3 to change its focus. Go to Thingiverse and search for me, Lorne Wilkins (give me an hour or 2)

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The link to my Thingiverse article is


I also published an Instructable:


Wonderfully described article. Great work Lornetw.

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Thanks very much. I hope it will be useful to someone. I’ve been using it on my 3D printer for a while now nad it works very well.

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