360p, SD, HD

Why do my cameras keep going back to 360p on their own and why does the camera not loop record like it should at the end of the SD card, i always have to format them every 3 days!!!

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The SD card may be going bad. Check for errors on the card with chkdsk /f .
SD Card needs to be 32 GB or less & high endurance type memory card, suitable for continuous video recording. a.k.a. Endurance or Extreme.

The 360p thing can be caused by the tinyCsm app. Are you using it?
How do you know thr SD card isn’t looping? No new video?

Try going to the Wyze app Home > click on your cam to bring up a Live View > change 360p to your desired setting > go to the cam’s Settings (gear icon) > Restart Device (down near the bottom of page).

Try the new app update. The previous update caused the same issue for each of my 6 cameras. As of this morning, it seems to be back to normal.