30+ft exension power cable for stack kit

where can i get a 30+ foot extension power cable for the stack kit? Is it okay to daisy chain to get the length I need?

Trying to get two cameras to run over one 30+ foot USB cable is going to be tough due to voltage drop. You would be far better to use something like 18 or 20 gauge zip cord (also known as SPT-1 or lamp cord) and send 12 volts over that and then use a 5 volt regulator at or near the cameras to power the cameras. Doing it that way it does not matter if there is a volt or two of drop in the cable.

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okay thanks for the suggestion. It went over my head so I hope my husband understands this. Appreciate the help!

Ie. I use an extension cord to get close for the two cameras and then I use individual or dual 5V 2amp power supplies

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thanks for the info and the picture this helps.