Micro USB cable length

Hi, do any of you run 16 foot micro USB power cables to your Wayze cams, if so do you experience any problems with such a long run, and which brand do you use?

I do, sort of. It’s 15’ though. Got mine from Monoprice based on someone here saying they work. I have a metal coated front door and just stuck the camera on the door. I also have a storm door with a screen. Sounds worse than it actually looks. No problem with cable from them. I get all my AV cables from them so was glad to see the cable was confirmed to work. I can also confirm it works fine. I’ll edit this if I can find the original link. Edit: Monoprice Select Series USB-A to Micro B Cable, 2.4A, 22/30AWG, Black, 6ft - Monoprice.com
Note that you can choose the length and color.

I use 2 16’ from amazon… no issues at all. and 14 $ for a pair…ill take that

Which ones from Amazon? With shipping and handling the 15’ from Monoprice is about the same at $7.18.


Since you are only running POWER not POWER and DATA they can be much longer.
Maybe 30M. If you build your own with a thicker wire who knows?
Good reference here:

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there was someone on here at one point asking about cameras on a daisy chain and someone else dropped some science I believe even going as far as to show the math of the electrical resistance drop over certain distances. I don’t think I will get to a point I need to do math…and if I do certainly something wont work so for now 16 foot should do me just fine :slight_smile:

I have been running 4 of these for 10 months With no problems


Buy directly from Wyze! https://www.wyze.com/product/wyze-cam-pan-mounting-kit/ The Cam-pan includes a 15’ usb cable :slight_smile:

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All the of linked options above should work. For those interested, here’s the math:

The hard part is knowing the wire gauge of the power wires in the cable, since many of the products don’t state this in their literature.


Also not all micro-usb plug shells are the same size and this is rarely in the specs. Many are too big and require modification.

Thanks, I just ordered 2 today.

I use this brand from Benair, it works well, used the 25ft version.


I run these from amazon with no issues. Have 3 running on them currently and soon to be 3 more for the back of the house.

I found that with a 15’ cable, the power was somewhat flaky with the stock Wyze power supply. I read somewhere that a bigger one was needed. I’ve replaced the 1 watt power supply with a 2.5 watt supply and it hasn’t given me any problems. I may be off a bit and the wattages as it was at my Dads and I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me but the concept is still there. I went with a larger USB supply and all issues were fixed.

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Do you have all 3 daisy chained running off one adapter?

So can I run one 25 feet away, then daily chain another 25 feet away using one power adapter?

Do you think I can run one camera 25 feet away then daisy chain 25 feet to another, using one adapter?

I would guess no , but all you can do is try it

why no?