3 black wires connected to light switch instead of 2

I just replaced a light switch with a Wyze Switch, but the switch had 3 black wires (one load wire, one line wire and another thicker gauge wire was screwed on the side of the bottom side of the switch. I connected the third wire to the line slot (since there are two slots), and the Wyze light switch works. I’m not sure what that third wire is for, if anyone can help explain. I’m just unsure if I should just disconnect the third wire and just cap it off, since the switch still works without it. The light switch only controls one light and the light bulb is only controled from that one switch, so it isn’t 3-way switch. Thank you.

I’ll start by saying I am not a licensed electrician, but a home DIYer.

Generally when I have seen this it is a load to a receptacle or a ceiling box and wired so that the power passes through and is not controlled by the switch. You could shut down the breaker pull the line cap it and see if something is without power.

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Thank you for your reply. I found out, the extra wire goes to a ceiling light. The light is controlled by a pull cord.

Great that you got it traced down!

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