2TB SD card

Think this will work in a v3?


Think this will work in a v3?


Years ago my in laws bought some AA batteries in a little podunk town that you can’t get to from here. They didn’t notice the batteries said ‘DURASELL’ not ‘DURACELL’. The batteries were the same diameter as a AAA battery.

Duracell was very interested, and wanted to know where they were sold. My in laws just knew it was somewhere they stopped for lunch in New Mexico. I sent the batteries and my in-laws got a bunch of coupons for free batteries.



I think you should purchase a few hundred and give a few to your skunk friend. :grin:
Official Samsung card sizes.

These are Sansumg, not Samsung.:sunglasses:

Clearly someone’s knock offs. I would not touch them unless free.

:eyes: :eyes:

I would try them if this forum says they work fine. :smirk:

Seems the reviews state they are not 2TB. More like 128GB

I would not trust this to not fry whatever it is connected to.