Wyze 2k HDR cam pro

Anyone have issues with it not working with a known good 256 g Micro sd card?
It is formatted ex-fat. It will work with a 64g card.

I have Samsung Pro Endurance 256GB MicroSDXC cards in my Cam v3 Pro cams. All are working fine and currently overwriting oldest footage:


What brand/model of cards are you using?

I have 256GB and 400GB SD cards in my 6 or so V3Pros all working. My cards are Samsung and Sandisk.

They’ve all been working great for over a year now. I believe they’re all in ex-fat, but it’s possible one of them is FAT32. I used to convert some of my cards to FAT32 once upon a time because of the benefits of FAT32. Not a huge deal though, so I usually leave them in exFAT now.

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I have a sandisk 256g formatted in ex-fat that works in my v3 camera.

Do you have the 2k hdr cam pro ?
Thats what I’m using.

Yes, that camera model is called the Wyze Cam V3 Pro. That is the one I was talking about.

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I can try another 256g card but I’ve use this card elsewhere. Thanks

Do you charge by solar panel? And can you record continuously 24/7 with this camera?

Are you using the Battery Cam Pro or a Plug in V3 Pro?
All the plug in cams will record continuous and don’t work with solar panel.
Does your cam look like this? A battery powered cam.

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Yes I have the battery pro camera

I don’t have the Battery Cam Pro but I don’t think continuous recording will work very good with a battery powered cam even with a solar panel. There are some other post on the forum about the desire to do that but I don’t know if anyone has had any luck doing it. A 256GB card should work for event recording to the card though, it says it is compatible.

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I have 6, and 3 of them have solar panels.

Yes, but I only do so on the camera that I have wired and plugged in to an outlet. The solar panel doesn’t collect enough power to sustain 24/7 recording for more than a few days before it will inevitably die. The solar panel is helpful for intermittent recording though.

I changed to a sd card that will work by when i try to continuously record then go back later it says no recording available this is on the wyze cam battery pro. I also tried it plugged into power source.