2 pan cam v3

Still new to this…my question is I own 2 cam pan v3
1 is front of house 1 is in backyard….now my question is
how do I get to look at both cameras at same time?
Thank you

You an group them in the app by starting the App, Click the plus sign at the top left and select Add Device Group. Then select Camera and add both Pan V3’s to the group.

Then when you go into the app, you will see the group, click on the group and you will see both cameras at once. you can then tap on one of the cameras if you need to focus on one of them.

The other option is to go to a Web Browser and go to:


When you log into this location you will see both cameras displayed in the browser.

Note: Chrome seems to work best, I use Edge.


Create a device group. On the main screen click the + and the 4th item is “Add Device Group”. Then on the next screen, select “Camera Group”. On the next screen you can name the group and add cameras to the group.