Split screen cameras

I wish you could look at at multiple cameras at once inside the app instead of having to go back and select each camera because I use it on my iPad which is large enough to project multiple screens It could be a setting that you turn on and off but would prove extremely useful. I would love to see this in because I know I will use it every day. Thank you !

@foxmfagundes Welcome to the community!

This feature is already available in the Wyze App.

Support Article Link

To create a group of Wyze Cams:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap Home > the+ plus sign on the top left > Add Device Group .
  2. Tap Camera Group .
  3. Enter a name for your group.
  4. Tap each camera* you want in the group (you’ll see a check mark on the left of each product).
  5. Tap Done in the top right.

*Once your new Camera Group is created, the cameras you’ve selected will disappear from the Home screen’s device list. You’ll find them within the Group itself.

To view all cameras in a group:

Tap the group’s name on the Home screen. This will show all of the cameras within the group, and display all of the live streams on one screen.

To view only one camera in a group , tap on the camera you want to access from within the group.


Is the doorbell going to be supported in grouping with the other cameras? As it is now, I cannot add it into the camera group.

I was wondering the same thing! It would be nice to see ALL cameras on one screen.