2 Factor Authentication (2FA) Information

well then im out screw wyze and screw your stupid 2 factor ! it was good while it lasted and i see absolutly no bloody reason to have to ever sign in to a 2 factor for any kind of security as it is now i hate my cell phone and this computer i do every thing in my power to not have to touch one of them all day , i find it insulting that a open minded company as wyze would force anything on anybody this will most definitly change how i look at things in a open minded way as i have tried now im done [Mod Edit] ! screw looking at anything in a opened mineded perspective ever again ! carver of choice ? is that well choice is out the window . screw this be nice to people , dont care how you or anyone feels , forced [Mod Edit] on people well guess what that my friend is a 2 way street , [Mod Edit] who ever back ! yep so i will be sending all my wyze products back ! because i will not sign in to a 2 factor even once ! so long a so called free thinking company that is a lie ! good bye

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