2.28+ App Release (Take 2!) - 3/7/22

Need to scroll up and read the 1st post:


Right? They are holding us hostage effective immediately. A little notice would have been much appreciated (and professional on their part). Sheesh.

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Ding ding ding. Unbelievable.


@Seapup - Thanks for the directions, I updated my app and couldn’t figure out why the Cam plus Lite disappeared from account. Set up all 4 cams again ugh!!! :unamused:

No problem… glad to help. I just went through the same thing. :+1:

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You have to go into EACH CAMERA settings under Event Recording and switch Recording type to Video.

I only figured this out as I immediately saw the images in the Event log after app upgrade and started looking around. I am Cam Plus Light Name your own price.

I had to do this with over 10+ cameras, pain in the a$$. Damn It!

Wish they would have defaulted to ‘video’ for existing users instead of image… or at least give a heads up in an email/notification… did I miss something?

Why does app say Beta?

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One more with the same problem. Updated to 2.28.1(109) and when I went to “Event”, the app crashed. Shut down, waited few minutes, started the tablet, opened the Wyze App, clicked the “Event” and the app crashed! Was the app checked prior to the release?


Bug… someone forgot to rename app package after beta testing.


Sorry to hear that … but glad that it’s not just me! I just trashed the app and downloaded again. Same thing all over again, We need a lot of people to complain before they will do anything.

I have not Lite option,

At least the app appears to work for you! On Android Samsung tablets, the app seems to crash every time the event screen is opened. On my Pixel phone (yes…Android too) it appears to function OK . So the question is…if the app was actually tested in beta, what devices was it tested ON??


Follow these instructions.

I can’t seem to switch to video in the iOS app. I am subscribed to Cam Plus Lite on the website. All my cams are chosen in the app (Account tab > Services > Cam Plus Lite > + Add Cameras). When I try to change from Image to Video in Event Recording I get an ad for Cam Plus, and it doesn’t change to Video. It stays Image. I shouldn’t need Cam Plus, just Cam Plus Lite.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it, didn’t help. There was one cam that I couldn’t switch to video, and didn’t have a selection checkmark next to it. Had to go into the + Add Cameras several times (3-5?) before it would allow me to checkmark it. Then it automatically switched to video, I didn’t have to make the change.

So I thought maybe that would fix all the other already checkmarked cameras, but you can’t toggle the checkmark. Once on, always on.

Also tried power-cycling the cams. No effect. But it does look like some of you can switch.

Using this new iOS app, upgraded today (2.28.2 (a24)). I have current firmware (

Log 492800

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Hi Gwendolyn, I would like to get in contact with senior management at Wyze regarding an enormous blunder that happened today that support is ignoring. I have made a post here: Contact info for C-level management?

Can you put me in contact with someone above the support staff? They don’t seem to think silently unenrolling me from Cam Plus Lite constitutes a serious problem. My camera basically turned into a prop today with basically no function as a security camera, and it’s crickets from the support team.


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The saga continues.

I got an email from Wyze saying to make sure Cam Plus Lite was toggled on. I went to the Cam Plus Lite section under Services in the app and clicked Manage & it said Cam Plus Lite can’t be managed in the Wyze app. Please visit the Wyze website to manage your subscription.

So I went to the Wyze website and it said that I’m already subscribed to Cam Plus Lite!

So I tried calling Customer Service but it is past 6 PM and they are closed. Now my 5 cams are useless.

I believe you do that under Account tab > Services > Cam Plus Lite > + Add Cameras (at bottom of page).

Then you go into each camera’s Event Recording setting, and make sure Video is selected.

However, lots of people having trouble doing this ATM, including me. Maybe it will work for you.


Update - I just logged out of the Wyze app and then logged back in and now I’ve got the 12 second Event recordings again.

I don’t know if this was just a coincidence or not but that’s what worked for me.

I know you can not use backup to base with cam plus full version but now you can not use it with CP Lite ??. I have a 32 GB SD in the base, I just formatted it, toggle for back up to base will not turn to on. I have not power cycled the base yet because cameras are currently in use.

Have Android users been able to update? I have been checking the play store all night and nothing so far; last update was late January according to the app info in the store. And now I can’t view 12s event clips and the app crashes about every other time I go to the event page.

Edit: I am enrolled in cam plus lite.