2.28+ App Release (Take 2!) - 3/7/22

I have installed App Version 2.28.1(109) + received invoice for adding Cam Plus Lite. I waited 24 hours (more than recommended 1 hour) for activation. My 5 each CamV3 cameras previously received video events before the App change. BUT NOW - when I click the Events Icon the Wyze App V2.28.1(102&109) kicks me completely out of the program and closes the Wyze App.

Router is Netgear AC1000 model R6080-100NAS
Standard = IEEE 802.11 - IPv6 support (Internal Protocal Version 6)

Following is a list of how I updated to new App:

  1. WYZE APP/ACCOUNTS/ABOUT = V. 2.28.1 (109)
  2. ACCOUNT/SERVICES = Cam Plus Lite subscribed and added all 5 cameras to the list
  3. Camv3 CAMERA SETTINGS for each are:
    A. Firmware Updated = V.
    B. Detection Zone = ON (Says Required by CamPlusLite)
    C. Event recording = motion only
    D. Recording type = Video
    E. Notifications = On
    A. Confirmed IP Address is assigned/present
    B. Confirmed Camera Firmware =
    C. Confirmed good signal strength
    D. Plug In Version listed =

Nah, you’re good, it’s just their bad code.


Same here. After update this morning, clicking event tab crashes the app. Android on Samsung tablet. Wyze version Android version 9. Working fine on my Motorola phone. Wyze version Android version 11. I would strongly recommend that you DO NOT update your Wyze app until they resolve this debacle!

Me too. Android 12 fixed itself, but android 11 still crashes when you go to events.
One weird thing: one camera sd playback mode was stuck in the future. It would only display April 4th 2022, if I clicked on today’s date, it would blip today and jump right back (or forward) to 04/04/2022. The video would play sometime today’s recording (the video timestamp) ,but say it was next month.
I hope we get a fix for android 11 soon.

Using the App on my iPad as a security camera monitor watching a pan cam, After a few minutes the screen dims and then goes dark. Have to then click the home button and it will reconnect the camera. This never happened before. Sounds like Wyze is trying to limit bandwidth from watching a camera continuously? I don’t see this in the release notes.

Greetings everyone. If you haven’t read it yet, check out Gwendolyn’s post Fix-It Friday 3/4/22 - #19 by WyzeGwendolyn on the Fix-it Friday 3/4/22 topic. The app update was pulled due to all the issues everyone is having.

Wyze is aware of the app crash issue when tapping on the Event tab on some Android devices running Wyze developers are actively working on the issue to get a fix out ASAP.

I am also affected by this app hard crash…

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 running Android 11
Log ID: 494374

i updated to2.28.2.on my iphone.

I am not getting events now !!! it is spordiac. this release has broken my app…

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I’ll join the chorus singing about Events (and Playback) crashing on Samsung. Playback doesn’t crash immediately, though.

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I will join this as well.
Same issue.

I have the same issue on a Fire HD10 tablet. So why is the update still in the Google Play store?

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Better question is why are the force updates still happening?

Not sure about the Amazon App Store for the Fire, or any of the others for that matter. But my last Wyze update was on 1\29 to v.102 and there is no update when I check the Google Play Store for my Android. May have something to do with update availability for specific device\OS versions. Not sure if they pulled all of them or just some… Good question for Wyze though.

I wasn’t aware that the app was a forced update. I know they pushed some hardware firmware that way in the past and people lost their minds, hence the need for a different firmware update protocol, RSTP I think, to avoid the push, but my settings in my phone and on the app store are for apps is manual pull only.

I can’t swim, so that’s all the further into the water I can go.

This is for the Google Play Store. V.

This Cam Plus roll out is a true disaster. My cam Plus lite disappeared, but I figured I’d try the paid Cam Plus. Paid the $15 to learn that Wyze has a TON of issues to work out. Spent countless hours online and on the phone, had to pair and unpair my subscription multiple times. Had to be refunded and buy it again 3 times just to find out my videos cap at 12 seconds no matter what I do. Then Customer service finally tells me there is no longer an option to extend the length of the videos as is mentioned in every piece of help material out there…they do it on there own? I can’t support paying a dime for Cam Plus. I literally tried to support the company and paid $15 to find out Cam Plus and customer service for the issues are total trash.

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Not real sure there, just guessing as the water in this particular ocean is too deep for me. But, if you already updated the app, it will show your current version as the .109. However, if you did not, it shows the .102 version with 'no updated available. Again, it may also be because of the different device OS too. Just my SWAG.

I chose not to update after viewing the forum torrent immediately following release. All my app features are still working, but I am also 100% CamPlus, not much changed there.

I noticed the same thing with CamPlus, starting with the last firmware update on the PanCams. Cam plus recordings are mostly 12 seconds, and a few longer ones in there as a “tease”. It’s so annoying to watch 10 event videos just to see a 2 minute recording. At least for now, the time between recordings is just seconds, so there’s that for $15.00. Otherwise, they really screwed it up big time!

I haven’t experienced any change in posting of full length video events. All of mine are full length… 1, 2, 3 and even 4 min. 12 Cams on CamPlus old app version .102

Clicking on events closes app on Samsung Galaxy tab s6-lite. No problem with Google pixel 4a phone. Wyze beta with $99 annual subscription for 99 devices using Cam+.

l found I can still use my Samsung tablet to view events by going to the https://view.wyze.com site.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you use the additional funding you received, for doing such a great job, to hire mbas to manipulate the customer by adding hubs and subscriptions instead of hiring more engineers to do the job that got you there.