2.28 app Beta Test 1/13/2022

I don’t seem to have access to that version through TestFlight. I sent a DM on this.

Ok - It just showed up. :slight_smile: Guess I am too anxious. Installed and can logon now.

iOS 2.28.0 (5) corrected my issue with 2FA. Thanks. I am testing iOS now.

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Here is a comparison between my Android and iOS for the Porch Camera

iOS Device

Android Device

Bug found though on Android, cannot turn it Landscaped to view a larger image. WIll submit a log shortly.

Now doing a comparison on iOS Portrait against Landscaped.

iOS Landscaped for Detection Zones

iOS Portrait for Detection Zones


I’ve only had this phone for 2 months and the display problem was already there. So I can’t say how long it’s been around. It must also be present on the 12 Pro Max.:face_with_monocle:

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Do you have a Pro Max? On your phone, the display is correct.

Ok, I tried to match your settings exactly, below are what I see. I am using iPhone Xs with 15.2.1 OS.



I don’t see much of a difference. It stays within the boundaries

Another view:




What OS version are you on? I can’t seem to be able to reproduce

At what point can’t you roll to Landscape? Seems to be working on my Android and &^%$#@ iPhone

IOS 15.2.1 What iPhone model do you have? You don’t seem to have the bigger one(ProMax)

Edit: Ok, just read your edit. You have an XS.

The &^%$#@ iPhone :slight_smile: shows landscape, the Android doesn’t for me,

Go to a v3 camera, start the Live Stream, go to settings > Detection Settins > Detection Zone

I have Detection zone on, turn it landscape to make the image bigger for marking your area but it does not turn to landscape.

True, iPhone Xs is the one I have. I can test on my Wifes iPhone 13 Pro if you would like?

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The 13 Pro has a smaller screen. It would be nice if you took the test. In my opinion, this problem is only on the Pro Max.

I will test on it shortly for you.

@gyzmo , I tested on the 13 Pro and I actually do see the same exact issue you have. Here is the image landscaped, Great Find. I know you submitted a log, but can you submit another one for them. Seems as if it may be isolated to a certain version of the iPhone. We will see if @R.good has the same issue:


I have a 12 max pro I can test too

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Wow…. My apologies. I honestly thought I was on that version. Really weird because I went to Test Flight and saw it installed, but even my screen shots show a different version.

Installing now

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Got it. Confirmed. Had not tried it while editing the detection zone.

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All good now on iOS, weirdest thing ever… sorry for any confusion.

I’m surprised. Thought it is only on the bigger screen(ProMax).

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12 Max Pro on 15.2.1

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I only see a difference at the right of your screen and you don’t have the black bars each side of the screen.