2.12 Camera Beta Firmware test 7/22/2020


Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 144
Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 144


New Features:

  • None

Fixed Issues:

  • Reduced the likelihood of Wyze Cams showing a solid yellow light after an update
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Cam Plus videos to not have the Person tag
  • Fixed an issue that caused Wyze Cam Pan to move in the opposite direction when the 180-degree toggle is on
  • Fixed an issue that caused pixelated Event videos for some cameras
  • Adjusted the night vision IR to be the same level as in 5.111
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented audio during streaming or recording
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the motion detection zone from working
  • Other bug fixes


  • There might be video frame dragging during live streaming


  • Person detection with or without Cam Plus
  • Firmware update

Thank you for the update! Hope to see some improvements :slight_smile:

I have upgraded my V2 and Pan cams with the new firmware.
The V2 has a bridge with 6 contacts and 1 motion sensor.
The Pan doesn’t have a bridge.

The V2 camera seems to be working OK but the bridge didn’t come back up after the camera FW upgrade. Just has a flashing blue/yellow LED. In the camera settings it sees the bridge and the sensors paired but none of them work now. The sensors have been working very well up until this FW update.

I’ve tried a few of the usual things, turning off/on, restarting, powering down. Not much time to troubleshoot tonight. Will have to try more things tomorrow…

Log submitted ticket # 28263 @WyzeAndy

Had some more time to troubleshoot this morning. I moved the bridge from the V2 to the Pan cam. It started up and connected fine to everything. I moved it back to the V2 and connected fine there again. Just some kind of glitch I guess requiring me to actually remove the bridge, a power down/up wasn’t taking care of the problem.

I went ahead and put it back in the Pan cam, since at this time , it is closer to most of the sensors. I have another bridge that came in the original sense starter kit that never worked, I might pull that out and see if it will work now.

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