120 cameras in my account all disappeared

I currently have a 120 Wyze cams V2 models in my account. All painstakingly labeled and organized alphabetically. They were all working flawlessly for 2 weeks until approximately 9 PM last night when I finally added the 120th camera. At 9:01 pm BOOM…None of them appear in my account any longer, yet they are all still recording motion activated events in the event tab. I’ve logged out and logged back in repeatedly, I deleted the app and then I re-loaded the app and then logged in again but still the cameras do not appear in the app. Panic time???

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I have not been aware on any limit on the number of cameras on an account, but it sounds like you may have run into one. Wow, that’s a lot of cameras. I would suggest deleting the last camera added and see if the others return, but since you have non in your account, don’t know how you’d do that.

Actually, you could try creating a new Wyze account. Log into that in the app then set that camera up newly in the new account. That should remove it from the original account. Then log back into the original account and see if the first 119 are there.

In any case, I would get a support request started on this ASAP.


Thx. I’ll try that.