1 Solar Panel for 2 Outdoor Cams (Splitter?)

I have Wyze Outdoor V2 and a Wyze Solar Panel connected and charging. All good. This is 30 feet off ground.

I want to add another Cam V2 at same location, facing different direction and don’t want to buy another Solar panel. Wyze does not offer a splitter or way to connect 2 cams to 1 panel.


Currently a splitter doesn’t exist, although you could suggest it on the #wishlist!

I would question if the one solar panel would have enough total power generation to keep two cameras powered up. And no, I don’t know the answer…

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1 panel is able to keep 1 cam at 100% 24/7, so I would assume it could keep 2 charges for a decent amount of time

Just spent the $20 and get another solar panel… just sayin’

if a splitter did exist, it would probably cost $7-$11.00 - maybe more -, so why not just kick in the extra $'s and get the solar panel?

Splitter prices (but not what you are looking for, just to give an idea about $'s):



I actually have 3 panels, and in my case that’s fine but if you cared more about how it looked, 2 panels stacked on top of each other isn’t the nicest look :smile:

I have 2 cameras facing in different directions that are mounted near each other. Since you only need to charge the cameras once every couple of months, I just go out and move the solar panel to one, and that camera’s silicon plug to the other. :slight_smile:

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In case anyone in late 2023 is curious about this since it’s the top Google hit, I used these two products with no issue for Wyze outdoor pro cameras. They stay at 100% with one panel.

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Interesting. With the same splitter, I cannot get any charge from the “2nd” cable. I’ll have to bench test this off of an ac adapter. Maybe my splitter is not working properly.

Glad it worked for you!