1 Solar Panel for 2 Outdoor Cams (Splitter?)

I have Wyze Outdoor V2 and a Wyze Solar Panel connected and charging. All good. This is 30 feet off ground.

I want to add another Cam V2 at same location, facing different direction and don’t want to buy another Solar panel. Wyze does not offer a splitter or way to connect 2 cams to 1 panel.


Currently a splitter doesn’t exist, although you could suggest it on the #wishlist!

I would question if the one solar panel would have enough total power generation to keep two cameras powered up. And no, I don’t know the answer…

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1 panel is able to keep 1 cam at 100% 24/7, so I would assume it could keep 2 charges for a decent amount of time

Just spent the $20 and get another solar panel… just sayin’

if a splitter did exist, it would probably cost $7-$11.00 - maybe more -, so why not just kick in the extra $'s and get the solar panel?

Splitter prices (but not what you are looking for, just to give an idea about $'s):



I actually have 3 panels, and in my case that’s fine but if you cared more about how it looked, 2 panels stacked on top of each other isn’t the nicest look :smile:

I have 2 cameras facing in different directions that are mounted near each other. Since you only need to charge the cameras once every couple of months, I just go out and move the solar panel to one, and that camera’s silicon plug to the other. :slight_smile:

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