Zooming in with Wyze cameras

I wish when you zoom in on a vehicle, or person or whatever, the GS would be clear and not distorted the more you try to zoom…you can’t see faces or plates in regards to your safety.

These are inexpensive “digital zoom” cameras. To get better clarity when zooming you really need a more expensive “optical zoom” product.

I meant this camera.

I am learning about video cameras with your company… that’s why I said I wish…thanks for your input though

So did I.

These are inexpensive “digital zoom” cameras. Zoom is done by spreading out a fixed set of pixels and interpolating what the camera imagines is in between those dots. To stay inexpensive, that won’t change.

A more expensive optical zoom product zooms with a movable array of lenses, like a telescope.

BTW, I am not associated with Wyze, I am a user like you.


Thanks so I’ve been told.

Great answer!