Zoom in recorded to card

I’m not sure this is even possible. I like a slightly zoomed in picture on a couple of my Wyze cameras. Upon viewing playback it’s zoomed back out. I know I can zoom it back in on my phone, but it would be nice if it was able to keep the zoom in on the card.

The zoom you see on the phone is digital-only zoom that happens locally. The camera always records full resolution video. If it recorded zoomed video, you would be losing resolution. That’s why it’s the way it is. The camera doesn’t get any information about the zooming done on the viewing end. Therefore retaining the zoom would not be possible. Even further, what if one viewer was zoomed in and another wasn’t. Which zoom level would be retained?

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Yes, I figured it was something like that. I was just curious. Thanks for the explanation.

once you download or record the video to your phone there are a mass of apps that would allow you do get that affect, mainly by cropping the image to what you want to see, effectively “zooming” in on only that one area.