zoom capability within album videos

When viewing a video within Playback mode (not to be confused with Live Stream mode), I can do a massive zoom to zero-in on any particular area within the screen. I can then press the video cam icon to enable me to save that video to my Album.

However, when i view that saved video within my Album, it appears that i no longer have the zoom-in capability.

Correct me if i am wrong… i think we do not have the ability to save a video with the zoom-in capability, which may be exactly what we would want during certain scenarios. Also, we would be unable to show that zoom-in on places, such as youtube.


When you zoom in on the video in the app, it is digital zoom. When the video is saved to the album, the full video is saved so that no information is lost. You should be able to zoom in again while playing back the saved video in your phone.

If you want to make the zoom “permanent” for sharing, you would have to do that afterwards in a video editing app. On the iPhone, you can do it in the free iMovie app. Not sure what’s available on Android.

“You should be able to zoom in again while playing back the saved video in your phone.” No, I cannot zoom-in on videos saved within my Album. Can anyone? Thx.


Yes I can on my iPad and my iPhone


What kind of phone are you using?

I have a HTC One M8 running Android. App version 1.4.43

I’m a complete noob with Android, but let me ask you this… if you take a video with your phone’s camera and it’s stored in the phone’s album, can you zoom in on that during playback? The saved Wyze video should be no different.

I can zoom-in on individual pix taken with the camera on my Android phone, but i cannot zoom-in on videos that I recorded with the videocam on my Android phone.

It would be great if another Android user could confirm this.

If this is the case, this should be known to Android users. Android users would want to either take screenshots of zoom-in scenarios, OR, take the microSD card out of the camera so that the zoomed-in video does not get over-written.



Again, I’m not an Android user, but I would think there must be an app that will let you zoom in on video while playing back.

Update: A quick google search found these:



I’m sure there are more.

I am an android user and I can not zoom in on manual recordings or the 12 second video clips. I can zoom on live feed and the playback from the micro SD card.

I’m use android device , on manual recordings or the 12 second video clips, if I open the video in VLC player I can’t zoom in ,If I open the video with Samsung video player ,I can zoom in

Well, I did familiarize myself with the free VLC windows software, which works with the mp4 files generated by Wyze. However, the zoom, slo-mo, etcetera, capabilities didn’t really add any addtl analytical value.