Wzye Thermostat Compatibility With Armstrong Furnace Model #EG6F80DC12-6 Serial # 11949GNA

Wzye Thermostat Compatibility with Armstrong Furnace Model #EG6F80DC12-6 Serial # 11949GNA

Can’t figure out how to get the wyze thermostat to work. No power getting to the unit. I put old thermostat back on and furnace powered right on and works fine. I have a c-wire so don’t believe I need the c adapter that was supplied.

Please help


Post pictures of the wiring at both ends


I think the furnace was hooked up differently. I discovered the black common wire at the furnace is wrapped around the brown wire ( see picture). So although the black common wire was attached to the old wifi thermostat it wasn’t doing anything because it wasn’t connected at the furnace but the furnace worked. So perhaps the furnace was wired differently see picture. I went to hook up the wyze according to instruction but the wyze needs common to work and be attached at both ends. Tired to post more than one pic but do to rules I cant post more than one (newbie rules).

So the black common was disconnect for a reason during a repair last year. Don’t know why see pic?

The black and orange are tied together to make the furnace wor . Perhaps the black common wire wrapped around the brown has a short in it and that’s why it was it was taken out of the scenario and wrapped around the brown.?

Post a picture of the wiring at the thermostat, maybe the other wire is going to the condenser. You could wire the black to the C common to see if the Wyze thermostat will power up.

I tried the black common wire and it is a dude.

I moved the green wire over to the common port and the thermostat works. However, the furnace and the air conditioner come on at the same time.

Picture of original thermostat. may put back on if problems persist

You may need to use the C wire adapter, any ideas @speadie?

Why is the wire color at your old thermostat different than the wire color at your wyze?
I see an orange wire on Y on your old thermostat, and a yellow wire on Y on your wyze.

Show a wide angle, high resolution image of your furnace and I’ll see if I can figure out the schematic.

I will check it out and get back.

Sorry the wrong picture was uploaded. That picture is a photo from wyze not my actual set up. I will send an updated original picture.