Wyzecam plugs and power source keeps dying

I have seven camera’s between my business and my home. The power plugs and the adapters Keep dying after a while. And I have to keep replacing them. I didn’t really notice until I replaced the first 2 last year at my home. Because I thought it was just faulty on one end. Turns out the 5 cameras in my store eventually died. And it’s because of the power source chord that comes with the camera. I purchased 2 new chords from Amazon to verify my theory and it’s true. I am not able to or willing to constantly replace these power chords, just for the cameras to work… And they randomly shut off
Sometimes without me knowing. It Takes minutes at a time for me to power off and wait for the system to reboot for 7 different cameras constantly. How can I get some of these replacement power chords and power block?
Because buying them constantly is not an option.

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If the cam is still within the 12mo warranty, it covers replacement of the power adapter and cord although I would assume Wyze will want to either replace the entire unit or give you a Gift Card.

If the Wyze Brand power adapters and cords keep failing, why would you want more? I have had the power adapters fail in hot climates, but not the cords. Those usually fail due to corrosion in humid climates. I replaced mine with units purchased on Amazon, not with Wyze.

You tagged this thread with several different cam types. Note that the power rating on the power adapter is different for different cam types. The Pan Cams and V3Pro take a 2A Power Adapter, the OG Cams when run on the splitter take 1.5A, and the V1, V2, V3 and individual OG cams take 1A. The replacement Power Adapter needs to supply these ratings at a minimum. They can be rated higher. I bought a slew of 3A so that I had them on hand when the next one goes south.

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Thank you for the information. I don’t necessarily want theirs but I also don’t wanna keep buying either. The ones I used to replace the 2 at home was not from their company. It was just a generic brand. But it’s still impossible for all 7 to just knock out and it doesn’t have something to do with the plugs themselves. Or the software or firmware. I tagged a lot of plugs and power. Because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just looking for answers anywhere I can find it… So my bad for all the techniqy people. Heat could be a factor in other cases, but all of mine are inside plugs in different areas of my store and home exposed to different conditions. So I was just using the platform for what it’s intended force. Im just putting it out there to see who has or is experiencing similar issues and what was their Solution. more suggestions are welcomed :smiling_face:

This is true. If they all got knocked out at once, I would suspect some sort of power surge.


If the cams are going offline and a Power Cycle brings them back, you don’t have a power issue. You have a network connectivity issue with the Router dropping the cams. That is a horse if a completely different color.

There have been reports of the power adapters going bad. The cams get a little power and try to power up but fail, start making a buzzing clickey noise, and the IR lights are on. I have had 3 cams do this, but they were all more than 2 years old and were spread out when they failed. I put all of them on a digital load tester and confirmed it was Power Adapter failure.

When they first failed, I just repurposed some cell phone charger adapters. Then I bought a bunch of these just so I have them around.

20w USB C Wall Charger, AILKIN PD & QC Port Charging Block High Speed C-Type Power Adpator