WyzeCam "eating" micro SD cards?

I hope the V2s that I’ve ordered couple of weeks ago does not belong with this batch. Thanks for the info, have to check all the cams.

I’ve only one SD card go bad on me. The advice that I see here is to NOT format them in the camera. Use a PC.

My pancam has the same issue, and it’s using the Wyze Sd card 32GB.

I only have one Wyze cam, they are really nice, but the limited cloud storage is a real problem, and now this.

I will not buy another until both issues are resolved.

And would like a Win10 app

This is clearly a Wyze problem not a customer problem. When will Wyze fix it. My guess – probably NEVER. I’m done with Wyze.

Hopefully, prospective Wyze customers will read these threads.

Same problem here, Wyze brand SD get corrupted in their Wyze cams…

This is old news and should be addressed, also the lack of audio in the pan cams too…

in talking with Wyze I found that their brand of SD cards are not endurance. this application pretty much demands an endurance SD card. no regular sd card is made for this application. I am yet to find one instance of an endurance sd card going bad in these cameras. im guessing whomever decided to do the Wyze sd card for the company was unaware of the different needs of different applications. dash cams are another instance of an application requiring a different type of card.

one analogy I could throw out there would be putting motorcycle tires on a car. they will work for a while. but its not the application they were designed for.

I will bring this up with Wyze but simply getting an endurance sd card will more than likely solve your ills as it is not the camera, but the card itself. if you missed it earlier in this thread, give this a read.



I installed a Samsung 32 GB microSD card. It work for a month and thereafter was no recognized by my cam pan. When I connect the same microSD card to my computer, it works perfectly.

Would you please explain how or whether an endurance microSD card would solve this specific problem?

was the one you referenced explicitly marked endurance? Samsung makes good cards, but if a card is not marked endurance and rated for this type of application like endurance cards are then I wouldn’t use it. with the constant read/ write cycles our cameras put on sd cards ( similar to a dash cam) people have used regular sandisk in their cameras with widely varying results but but there is no denying they ( non endurance cards) are more prone to failure as even the manufacturer states use in this type of application will void the warranty. I can’t speak for your particular setup, as I dont know exactly what would cause that. I would recommend putting it in your computer and doing a full format( not a quick format and trying it again) but I could recommend a good card with a good record of use in our cameras if you would like.

one of the best basic breakdowns between a regular sd card and an endurance sd card is the application its used for.

regular sd cards became widely popular with the advent of digital cameras. they are good for pictures and far less demanding use.

endurance cards are made more the the extreme demands that video recording needs and constant over-writes. ( our cameras.)

here is where I can give you a small article to check out ( it also has the Samsung card I was referencing for use) I thought this was a really good read on the difference between cards, including briefly speaking of different cell types if you happen to be a nerd like me :nerd_face:

DISCLAIMER: this article references their use in security cameras, and as we all know Wyze cams are not security cameras, but the method and use level of recording is similar to actual security cameras.



I would put a different card in the Pan and see if that corrects the problem, if it doesn’t then open a support ticket here:


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Is Wyze reimbursing customers for these SD cards?

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I’m sure Wyze will replace any Wyze cards that fail within the warranty period.


Wyze microSD cards are covered by a 1 year warranty and will be replaced if doing a full format of the microSD card doesn’t restore its functionality.

We’re sorry to hear about the microSD card difficulty you’re having, @bufudu. I’ll talk to the team about the possibility of us offering endurance cards in the future though I can’t make promises.


I believe that using an endurance card is just putting a band aid on a fundamental underlying problem. A card large enough to store several days of video isn’t having individual blocks written to that often if you’re writing flash blocks at a time (i.e buffer up a whole block before you write it). If it takes 3 days to fill up a card, you’re writing each block that often. This actually isn’t terribly demanding. In fact a very small SD flash that only stores a short time span would have a far worse problem. An endurance card should be getting you from a couple of years to 5 or 6 years. You’ve got people reporting wasted SD cards in a few days of use. That’s not something that is an issue with standard vs. endurance flash.

Just to be as blunt as possible about it - you guys are doing something wrong in handling that flash. Maybe you’re updating the FAT table all the time, maybe you’re writing some status or metadata very frequently, I don’t know. I suspect it is an actual bug that gets you into this mode and that you’re not normally writing so frequently since some (most?) people are getting long use out of their SD cards and others are killing them in days.

I’ve worked on a number of embedded projects that ended up killing flash memories and they’ve all been errant software that just wear the things out writing to them too frequently. Invariably it’s either been a sw bug or just an inexperienced programmer that didn’t understand that you can’t treat these memories like ram.

Take it for what it’s worth. Didn’t cost anything, right? :wink:

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with millions of cameras sold, the main variable changing is the card used. if it were something in the programming of the camera (which is uniform across the Wyze cameras) it wouldn’t matter if it were endurance or not and the errors would be far larger in numbers don’t you think? the only reports of issues have come from regular cards and not from endurance. so statistically one would still be lead to belive it is a matter of card and not camera. endurance cards are for video as stated by most companies that make cards. that being the main use of our cameras it explains the errors in regular cards and the lack of errors in endurance cards.

Im open to learning things though if Ive missed something.


I’ve got cameras almost a year and a half old (17 months) in continuous record mode with no failure yet. So I don’t think it’s common to say failures occur within a few days of use.

Also, endurance cards are only rated for 2 years, not 5 or 6.

I agree with Bam, there are maybe 2 million Wyze cams out there, but we only hear reports from a relative few. Wyze will fix any Wyze cards that fail within warranty, which a few days would certainly fall into. So buy those and be covered if you have a worry.

I don’t think there is a general issue here.

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And endurance card might give you 2x or 3x the guaranteed number of writes to each block. Even if it were 10x it doesn’t add up. If some people are trashing their SD cards in days, it’s not because it isn’t an endurance card. Many of these people report using reputable brand cards and some are even using the Wyze branded card.

You have a number of people telling the same story here. And even if there are “millions or cameras sold”, how many people stick an SD card in them and never have a reason to go look at any video? I’d bet you a high percentage of “non-power users” wouldn’t even be aware if the SD card in their camera died, perhaps for years until they needed to retrieve some video and found it was toast. If it died two days after installing it they may never know.

This sounds like a bug that puts the camera in a state where it’s just beating the hell out of the flash in terms of block writes. You can quite easily kill a flash in that manner, in the space of days. The only other likelihood is that some errant voltage is getting in (ESD? badly designed power regulator?) and it’s killing the flash via an out of spec voltage, but that’s not terribly likely since flash is typically more robust than other components on your board.

Then how do you explain users like me that access their cards weekly and never see an issue over a year and a half? A dozen reports against 2 million?

And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we have reports of endurance cards also getting trashed. Either here or on reddit.

You’ve had consistent reports of this nature for about a year now. It would be interesting to know if people were reporting this problem prior to that and if not if there was a new firmware release in the same time frame.

If they are correctly handling the flash in normal operation but some software bug causes them the enter a state where they are writing much more frequently than intended that explains the problem quite well.

I never mentioned endurance cards. I am not using endurance cards. Year and a half, no problems. Why are you forcing this issue? BTW, I’ve had reports? I am not a Wyze employee.