Wyzecam availibility in India and UK

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I am not sure whether I have posted my query in right forum or not (If not, then please accept my apologies). I am interested in buying Wyzecam but I am currently based out of UK and I am not able to find whether I can buy it in UK or not. So, would you be able to let me know whether Wyzecam is available for UK (and India) market at the moment or not. Another question is, if I am able to get it from US somehow, then would i be able to use it in UK or not? Somewhere i read that these currently work only in US regions at the moment.



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WyzeCam is currently only available to the continental U.S. I believe they’re working on international shipping options, but none are available today.

See the last line from the Shipping Support page:
Orders placed at www.wyzecam.com are shipped via UPSMI Ground (3-7 days). We do not offer different shipping speed options at this time.

After you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. You will receive another email with tracking information once your order has shipped. You can use the UPS website to track your order using the tracking number provided: Tracking | UPS - United States

Shipping rates are based on the number of WyzeCams ordered:

1 WyzeCam: $5.99 shipping charge
2 WyzeCams: $9.98 shipping charge
3 WyzeCams: $13.97 shipping charge
4 WyzeCams: $17.96 shipping charge
5 WyzeCams: $21.95 shipping charge

Shipping is only available to the continental U.S. We are not able to ship to Alaska and Hawaii or outside the continental U.S. at this time.


I was able get two of WyzeCams in India as my friend was travelling from US.

To power the Wyzecam, can I directly plug this in to India power socket which is 220V? or do I need a convertor as I know that US operated on 110V?



If you look at the adapter, it says INPUT 100-240VAC. 50-60HZ

Almost all power adapters made in the last 5 years are “switching power supplies” that work with a wide range of input voltage.

So they will need to get a plug type adapter, but those are cheap since they have no active components, just changing the physical connector.

I am not sure why the support site says this (because to me a power converter implies something that changes the characteristics (voltage or AC/DC)

What are the power requirements and power consumption of the Wyze Cam? Can it be used with a power bank?

The Wyze Cam uses 5V 1A DC power through a micro USB port. Each Wyze Cam comes with a 6-foot micro USB cable and 110V wall outlet plug to plug into a wall outlet. You can also use a power bank or 240V power converter to power your Wyze Cam.

The power consumption is between 2-4 watts, depending on whether night vision is turned on."